Consultations, Training and Coaching


Consultations, Training and Coaching

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- Transformational Management and Leadership Coaching 

Successful workers are promoted into management positions, only to be frustrated by their lack of managerial training or coaching.  When managers become leaders, another new skill set is needed.  For many organizations a lack the training and coaching exists to support management and leadership transitions.  Let us assist you in training your managers and leaders to improve their nonverbal communication skills and information sharing.   Learn to manage change more effectively and improve  your capacity for team building.   goal achievement and communication with greater specificity.  Learn to create a psychologically safe and  more dynamic climate.  Your entire organization will benefit!

- Organizational Mapping for Improved Internal Communications

Today's tech focused world promotes connection, but practices social isolation.  This session actively promotes and facilitates clarity in information sharing and conversation for improved results.  Improve idea exchanges and better collaborate within your organization.  Discover areas in your planning process you may be overlooking, or expand your thinking by getting everyone literally on the same page.  This may actually be the most productive  and best time you have ever spent planning!

-  Advanced Collaboration and Networking Skills

Numerous individuals today lack the basic, or advanced skill necessary to effectively develop interpersonal connections and highly effective networks.  This highly engaging and effective course  provides immediately implementable strategies for developing, making and retaining valuable interpersonal connections. The ability to make and keep valuable connections can significantly accelerate your value within  your organization. 

-  Comprehensive Organizational Assessment Tool (C.O.A.T.)

 Are their areas of weakness within your organization?  Wouldn't it be valuable to know?  Allow us to help you identify your areas of need and then provide you with potential steps for remediation.  

- Empowered Advocacy Through Public Speaking: 

The most powerful advocacy tool is your voice.  Learn to use it more effectively? Obtain the tools and strategies necessary to immediately be more relaxed.  Make a greater impact, and speak more effectively.  Learn to build rapid rapport  to improve relationships and produce more effective visuals, with greater impact.  Discover some common mistakes presenters make to sabotage themselves, and how to avoid them.  "A practical, powerhouse presentation that made an immediate difference in my presentations and delivery" MA School Nurse

- Develop, Design and Deliver More  Focused and Engaging Presentations

Become a more confident presenter. Learn to create more compelling, targeted and memorable visuals. Plan your presentation down to the minute so you can deliver with greater focus and increased impact. Learn to flex your presentation timing, so you can deliver with greater flexibility, as presentation time frames changes, to expand or shorten your presentation. Develop greater confidence to present more professionally and create a greater benefit for your audience. 

- Stress Reduction for Regaining Life's Balance: 

Today's tech focused lifestyle is fast paced, impersonal constantly on and at times overwhelming.  Stresses affect your ability to balance your work and life. Learn to identify your stressors, and quickly learn  to cope more effectively.  Develop an effective self care plan and gain the skills necessary to carry it out.