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Dynamic Keynote & Workshop Presentations

- Speak to Influence : 

The most powerful advocacy tool you have is your voice.  Learn to use it more effectively!  Be more relaxed, increase your impact, and speak more effectively.  Build rapid rapport with your audience and improve retention! Discover the secrets to impacting visuals and how to use them.  

"A practical, powerhouse presentation that made an immediate difference in my presentations and delivery" 

Developing Objectives & Planning Your Workshop:

Discover how to plan targeted presentations, and make a greater impact on your audience.  Learn how to professionally manage your presentation when you are told, "I know you were to have 45 min., but now you only have 25 min."  Gain confidence to take the stage and nail your presentation!

Turned On & Tuned Out: Understanding & Managing  Tech Dependency and other Tech Addiction  courses can be found at:

Highly Interactive Training Courses (1.5 hr to Full Day)

- Change Your Organization For The Health Of It!

Whether you are in the business of education, or health, being able to create culture of positive change can be challenging.  Through the Tri-Level Planning Model you will learn to create positive change that sticks.  This is not a short term fix, but a comprehensive approach for making a substantial difference in your organization.

- Organizational Mapping for Improved Performance

Ever wish you could get everyone on the same page, but find planning tedious?  This is the most fun you will ever have planning!  This highly engaging session provides the tools and process for you and your team to communicate more effectively. Gain personal insights as you align your efforts for better results. Discover what it really means to see what someone else says. Share ideas and identify missing elements in your thought process while you communicate with greater clarity, maintaining your ideas for greater recall and future planning. Vague ideas yield vague results. Getting on the same page is not enough!  Get everyone on the same page, paragraph, line, word, and letter.  


- Collaboration Strategies for Improved Effectiveness

How much time have you spent in meetings only to find that the collaborative process you were involved in was more like a Friday night, no holds bared grudge match?.  Developed from over 25 yrs of working with collaborative efforts. Learn to come together to work more cohesively with improved focus, and unilateral intent. Learn to channel passion into progress, energies into engagement and skills into successes, focusing on efforts to create a positive difference.


- Stress Reduction for Regaining Life's Balance: 

The world today is overwhelming and increasingly stressful. But what if you could discover a way to change the way stress impacts you?  Don't stop reading!  Now is the time to learn what you can do to reduce the negative impact of stress and better manage what life throws at you!  Gain greater control and regain your youthful balance.  Discover low and no cost ways to better manage your stress and bring improved coping skills into your family, school, community group or business. When time and space allow, this session includes an introduction to Mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation and an opportunity to experience a portable labyrinth. 

- Speaking With Impact!

The most powerful advocacy tool you own is your voice.  Why not learn to use it more effectively? This expanded session provides you with information and an experience to immediately to be more relaxed, to make a greater impact, and speak more effectively.  Practice building rapid rapport with your audience to improve retention! Learn to produce more effective visuals, with greater impact.  Discover some common mistakes speakers make to sabotage themselves.  Become a more memorable speaker.  Remember: if they don't remember it, you didn't teach it!  This presentation received a standing ovation as the opening Sunday morning keynote at the 2015 National School Nurses Association Conference in San Antonio, Tx.  If you provide presentations, are a community advocate or speak to groups on a regular basis you need this vital information!

"A practical, powerhouse presentation that made an immediate difference in my presentations and delivery" 

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All groups are different, so why settle for off the shelf services?  Kriger Consulting is 100% customizable and personalized to fit you or your specific needs.


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