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Keynote Addresses

- Speaking for Impact: Through the keynote The Art of Prezentation, learn what you and your organization can do immediately to increase your Public Speaking Advocacy. Build a connection with your audience and learn how to get your message received AND understood. 

- Creating the Organization You Want to Work In: This keynote examines the process of creating what you want and not fixing what you have. Develop your organization by identifying leadership skills. Enhance your organization’s vision and guide your organization toward your mission. 

Training Courses (Full or 1/2 Day)

- Getting on the Same Page: Learn about Mind Mapping, the process of actually bringing people together to overcome your communication deficits and get everyone on the same page.

- Stress Management for Life's Balance: Learn steps to reduce and manage stress in your life and in your organization, leading to a regaining of balance throughout all aspects of life.

- Advocacy vs. Collaboration: Discover the difference between advocates and collaborators. Learn to improve understanding of incoming and outgoing information. Improve effectiveness in collaboration and understanding of when to advocate and when to collaborate.

- Developing Managers: This workshop provides employees with the skills necessary to successfully advance from good workers to great managers. Your newly appointed manager learns to develop clearer direction, improve understanding, and maximize the potential of those they supervise.

- Developing Leaders: Be an effective leader through transformational leadership. Existing new or prospective leaders learn to develop a vision, get others on board, and communicate their message far more effectively. Discover what it takes to lead others, share your vision, and greatly improve buy in.

Consulting Services

- The Undercover Client: We are the client, let us assess your organization using our 10 research-based elements contributing to organizational effectiveness. We provide you with an unbiased view from the client’s perspective and invaluable honest and constructive feedback. We help you afterwards to make healthy changes to improve the overall client experience your organization provides.

- Active Visioning©: This facilitated session allows you to quickly become a cohesive force. Improved communication. Achieve a higher level interaction. Develop a greater tolerance for change. Through the Active Visioning Process learn to avoid many of the time-consuming pitfalls of traditional vision and mission development. Active Visioning© allows everyone in your organization to be more align with greater buy in.

- Managing Change: Change is constant. This course helps you to learn to more effectively manage change, rather than having change manage you. Learn to create concrete strategies for managing, facilitating and creating more meaningful change in your life and work.

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