Dynamic Keynote & Workshop Presentations

Speak To Influence :

The most powerful advocacy tool you have is your voice.  Learn to use it more effectively!  Be more relaxed, increase your impact, and speak more effectively.  Build rapid rapport with your audience and improve retention! Discover the secrets to impacting visuals and how to use them.  "A practical, powerhouse presentation that made an immediate difference in my presentations and delivery" 

Turned On & Tuned Out

Through technology we claim to be more connected than never.  However, loneliness, anxiety and depression are more prevalent than any time in our recent memory.  Learn how our current use of technology parallels the DSM 5 criteria for Substance Use Disorder, and why it is being called the "New Drug".  Discover how technology is changing the way our brains work and why some individuals say it's truly addictive.   See how Technology  is having such a devastating impact on individuals, families and organizations. Discover how your tech use is affecting your brain, how you learn, your behavior and your entire social system.