World Class Presentations

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World Class Presentations

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Stress Reduction for Regaining Life's Balance: 

Today's tech focused lifestyle is fast paced, impersonal constantly on and at times overwhelming.  Stresses affect your ability to balance your work and life. Learn to identify your stressors, and quickly learn  to cope more effectively.  Develop an effective self care plan and gain the skills necessary to carry it out. 

Turned On and Tuned Out:

Do you know when your kids are ready for their first phone? Are those learning apps and games for infants and preschoolers good for them or do they provide unrecognized dangers? When should I start talking to my younger children about the dangers on the Internet; and what should I look out for? Is technology helping or hurting your relationships? Based on audience needs surveys and over 10 yrs. of meetings with parents and professionals, this 2 session webinar provides fundamental and research based information on today's technology challenges. With the presenters skilled ability to adjust the presentation to the audience, individuals will have their specific questions addressed and learn new cutting edge information. Having presented for high school students, parents and educational and health professionals, this session provides you with specific information you need and the questions you need to ask to make more informed decisions. 

Identifying and Managing Tech Dependence: 

In this deeper dive into this issue discover how tech use changes the brain, negatively impacts learning, creates disruptive behavior and changes the way we communicate. Learn how texting, social networking, gaming and electronic communications contributes to anxiety, depression, decreased social interactions and even encourages violence. Why is every child today being given an electronic device in their elementary, middle or high school? Discover how technology negatively impacts sleep, learning and the potential for success. Learn how to improve individual and family relationships, and what parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals can do to better cope with and manage this issue.


The Impact of Tech on Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Violence and Suicide:

In this extended keynote, conference workshop, or staff in-service, you will vividly learn how today’s technology is inhibiting learning, creating attention issues, negatively impacting your health and setting you and your loved ones up for potentially disastrous consequences. Discover how cell phone and computer use potentially impacts your home, school and workplace. Discover research showing how technology can potentially prime us for violence. Better understand how technology potentially facilitates and increases adolescent and young adult suicides. This vital information uncovers the conditions ripe for increased psychological imbalance. Observe revealing answers to your personal questions. Professionals will discuss what needs to be explored in assessments and the signs of what the World Health Organization is describing as "technology addiction”.  A great follow-up to Turned On & Tuned Out. 

Understanding the Impact of Tech on Sextortion, Trafficking, & Predatory Behavior: 

The world we know is changing so rapidly it is hard to keep up. In this expanded session, I will discuss how today's technology forces children, parents and professionals to deal with subjects they are totally unprepared for. As a NJ State Police trained Sex Abuse Investigator, I will show you how your children are potentially being "groomed" and steps needed to be safer in this wild world of the internet.  See how an innocent web search or gaming session can yield contact with pornography and predators. Better understand how late elementary students are flirting through sexting, and how this can produce life altering results. Ask questions and get answers.  See the apps, sites and patterns of use you need to be concerned about.